E. E. Smith


Veteran playwright and novelist debuts as mystery writer

Death by Misadventure first in a new mystery series

E. E. (Evelyn Eileen) Smith, has begun a new phase of her writing career with the publication of her first mystery, Death by Misadventure.  The book, which was released on November 16, 2013 by Phoenix International, Inc., is the first in a series featuring a fictional young private eye, Alexis J. Smith and her detective agency called Discreet Inquiries, in a post-WW II setting. Early reviewers have called the work "insightful," "unique" and "having wonderful references to the 1940s, and a wise-cracking young female gumshoe."

Praise for IN LOVE AND WAR

Evelyn Smith has written a brave, witty, beautiful memoir titled In Love and War. It has drive, a constant energy, and even suspense as we wonder every few pages what will happen to the heroine. In the 1950s we are introduced to a plucky young girl who is not afraid of taking risks and shows no sign of self-pity, and we cheer her on. Sixty years later, after two complex relationships and many twists of fate, she has grown into a fascinating, strong, quirky woman who loved and was loved by two very different men in her marriages. The characters live and breathe, while great dialogue drives the narrative and keeps us turning pages.

Lynn Michell,

Director, Linen Press, Edinburgh, Scotland

Author of White Lies, short-listed for the Robert Louis Stevenson Award

"Smith writes in a light, breezy and engaging style. The words flow page after page, pulling the reader in as she describes the events in her life and her observations of politics and military affairs ... She was a witness to history, sometimes from afar, sometimes up close."

Chuck N. Baker

Managing Editor,The Veterans Reporter


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